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 With The New Children’s Writing Tablet, the magical tool that will transform their world of learning and fun!

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Join the thousands of parents who have unlocked their child’s potential with our Children’s Writing Tablet.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to nurture their creativity and curiosity

Give your child the gift of boundless creativity, and Worry Less About Their Screen Time Vs Productivity 

Here's why the LCD Writing Tablet, is Your Gateway To A Healthier And more Enriching Way For Kids To Learn And Play

Shielding from Harmful Blue Light:

Screens emit harmful blue light that can strain young eyes, disrupt sleep patterns, and lead to digital eye fatigue. By replacing screens with an LCD Writing Tablet, you’re protecting your child’s precious vision and ensuring a more restful sleep.

Unleash Creativity Without Distractions:

Traditional screens are often filled with distractions, from games and ads to social media. LCD Writing Tablets offer a focused and distraction-free space for creativity, learning, and self-expression.

Foster Active Learning:

LCD Writing Tablets encourage active learning. Instead of passively consuming content on screens, children can engage in hands-on activities like drawing, writing, and problem-solving. This fosters critical thinking and creativity.

Control Screen Time:

It’s easy for kids to lose track of time on screens. LCD Writing Tablets come with built-in time limits and can be used as a positive reinforcement tool. Encourage your child to complete tasks or homework before screen time is allowed.


💡 Why Choose Our Tablet?

  • water proof
  • Eye-friendly display that reduces strain
  • Lightweight and portable for on-the-go creativity
  • Endless possibilities, endless fun!
  • Durable and kid-friendly design

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As a parent of twins, teaching them to write was a real challenge. However, the Children LCD writing tablet made it much easier! My kids love the colorful screen and how they can erase and start over. It’s like magic to them.

……. Mrs Chris From


The Children LCD writing tablet has been a lifesaver for my 5-year-old daughter. Learning to write can be frustrating, but this tablet has made it so much fun!

….Mrs Adetola From 


The Children LCD writing tablet has been a game-changer for my 7-year-old son! His handwriting used to be illegible, but since we got him this tablet, he’s been practicing every day.

…Mrs Chioma From 

Imo State

They are learning to write and spell in a fun and interactive way. I highly recommend this tablet to all parents struggling with teaching writing skills.

….Mr Taye From



PS: Please This Is not Ipad, it is not Andriod.

This IS Children LCD Writing Tab, Helps children practice how to write, build their creativity and improve productivity

It Saves You money on buying Paper waste and protects your children’s eyes from blue ray through phones

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