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A Revolutionary Herbal Solution That has helped thousands of Nigerians manage and Completely Reduce the pain, crises of Sickle cell and other blood disorder

Doctors knew this and kept it secret for us. Why?… to keep you coming all the time.

Are you or a loved one battling the relentless pain and crises of sickle cell anemia?

Swelling Stomach

Reddish/Yellowish eyes

Swollen hands and feet 

Excessive and Periodic episodes of extreme pain, called pain crises

Unstable Health conditions

No one deserves this pain. We understand the toll it takes on your body, overall well-being and finances

Sadly, society have not been fair to the sickle-bearers; hospitals are not even helping

You have to cough out thousands of naira monthly to treat and maintain sickle cell anemia crises

As a result of this, many families have gone bankrupt, sold properties, and ran into debt so their children and loved ones could survive

Right now, i am bringing to you

KATAKITI, a breakthrough herbal remedy blended to not just manage but completely reduce the pain and crises associated with sickle cell anemia.

For over 11 years, Katakiti has helped people break-free from sickle cell crisis and finally live a comfortable life of there own without subsequently relying on chemical formulations to survive 

Miss Temitayo Sharing Her Experience

I never thought I would find relief from the relentless pain and crises that sickle cell anemia brought into my life. That was until I discovered KATAKITI—a remarkable herbal drug that has become my beacon of hope, transforming my journey from agony to absolute freedom.

Living with sickle cell anemia meant enduring not only the physical pain but also the constant fear of unstable health.

The swelling stomach, reddish or yellowish eyes, and the overwhelming pains had become an integral part of my daily life. It seemed like an unending battle, and I was desperate for a solution.


That helps reduce completely.

🛑 Sickle cell anemia pains & crises

🛑 Feverish condition

🛑 Rheumatism and Arthritis

🛑 Reduces inflammation in the body

🛑 Improve immunity

🛑 It makes eyes clear

“Katakiti” herbal capsule is 100% naturally made with no traces of any scientific chemicals that could effect the body negatively in the long run.

And worthy to add: it has been discovered for over 11 years, and it had since corrected the:

1. Retarded growth of sickle cell patients,

2. Their reddish or yellowish eyes,

3. The excessive pains.

4. Their swelling stomach, hands and feet

Also, it has done well by correcting and straightening their cell, although it won’t change the cell in its entirety.

Directions, Please Read Carefully

One bottle of KATAKITI HERBAL CAPSULE contains 60 capsules inside it.

👉 People aged between 2 years and Above can use the drug.

👉Well-detailed information on how to use the drug is already written on the bottle.

👉We will also give you well-detailed information on how to use the drug after ordering it.

👉Any individual with a genotype (SS or SC) is expected to use this drug for at least one (1) month without stopping the usage.

👉This is to make sure the curve cells are well corrected and to make sure the eyes are clear

You have to know that Sickle cell cannot be cured permanently

It can only be corrected.

If an individual cell is 100% curved, with consistent use of KATAKITI HERBAL CAPSULES. The curved cells will be reduced to 40%

Happy Customers Review

Mr Dayo from Ekiti: What sets this drug apart is not only its ability to address the physical symptoms but also its positive impact on my mental and emotional well-being.

The constant fear of impending crises has been replaced with a sense of security and optimism. The anxiety that often accompanied routine activities is now replaced with a newfound confidence in facing life head-on.

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